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The time has come to say goodbye…

Posted: 2018-03-16 By Marble Beers

What an amazing and epic couple of years, I joined Marble at the start of 2016, the brewery had been without a Head Brewer for a few months so I set about re-organising, changing procedures and changing recipes to make the systems and the beer the way I wanted it, I’m a firm believer in brewing beer that I want to drink…partially for a selfish reason but mostly because that’s where you reach a point as a brewer where you’re pouring all of your love into the product.


I believe that a quality brewer should be able to brew any style competently. Adaptability and professionalism as a brewer has helped us to brew both our long-established beers and newer additions to the range in the creative direction of the brewery.


By my (rough) count, I think we’ve done around 90 new or reworked beers over the two years with probably about 15 new beers in barrel for release this year, not a bad strike rate.


As with all breweries, there are new comers and departures but the current brewing team at Marble brewery is one of the strongest and best I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. With Joe now in charge I’m really looking forward to seeing and tasting what exciting new beers are coming and what’s next for Marble Brewery!


My favourite beers that we’ve brewed over the last two years?


Gale’s Prize old ale: the project to recreate that beer after over a decade of it not being brewed was a fantastic learning curve and I was really pleased with how the beer came out.


Table Beer: Just from a brewing perspective I enjoyed this, making a beer at 2.7% that’s full bodied and hoppy and defies the senses was tricky but came out well.


Saison DuPint: Pint with the classic and troublesome strain, a lot of research ensued and we actually had a trouble free fermentation and a lovely beer.


White Wine Pugin: The lead up to this was Pugin and Assisi, we blended three types of Belgian yeast in specific proportions to achieve the flavour, aroma, attenuation and flocculation that I required. We then aged Pugin in White wine barrels with Brett Trois and canned it.


Beers I’m Looking forward to Marble Releasing


The Solera Project: Barrels, Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus…


The Wild programme: Barrels, all the Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus.


All in all, I’ve had a fantastic time at Marble, we’ve had a lot of fun and I’m now looking forward to the next phase of my brewing career.




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