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Marble Mash-Up Series

Posted: 2019-02-08 By Marble Beers

It’s 2019 and we’re flinging ourselves headlong into a building a new brewery in Salford, we’ve already knocked out two new collabs in cans (I’m Only Karaoke-ing with Young Master & Anglo-Japanese Brewing and a re-brew of ALF but now in a can, with Amundsen Brewery), we have a lot on our plate to say the least. But you know us, not ones to shy away from keeping ourselves busy, we’re releasing a new series of cask only beers.

Born from us being bored of hearing so much about lupulin powder, bbc, cryo-hops and all that gubbins (NOTE: we do love these tools for our creativity, but it’s not ALL that good beer is) and wanting to further connect the Marble of the past with the Marble we’re building for the future, we decided we’re taking it back to how we used to do it for this series of beers. No more ‘dry hopping’ in the tank, instead we’re going to dry hop in the cask (with whole cone hops) Yeah, that lovingly laborious but ultimately rewarding task of dry hopping each cask individually.

We’ll be intensifying the FUN and creativity with this series, by basing all the new beers on current recipes either blended, de-constructed or highlighting different characteristics within the same beer. First up we’ll be ramping up our aromatic, small IPA “Petite” and giving it similar but firmer malt base to handle a new, higher ABV, transforming it into “Grande Petite”. This is going to balance the delicate but powerful hop presence we’re piling into it.

Our impending house move has encouraged us to look back through our old processes and ideas to see what we were doing back in the day, that we could adapt and update for our current beers. A move to organic hops led us to dry hopping in each cask, which meant a lot more [annoying] time spent on washing casks thoroughly, however it adds an even more personal and romantic idea to each of our beers sent out.
These beers will be a limited run, and we’ll be sending them to The Marble Arch, 57 Thomas Street, and selected outlets further afield. It’s a fun way for us to delve into our past, experiment a bit more and rewrite our recipes to suit both cask and more recent advances in production techniques!

Our full range of Mash Up cask beers is:

Grande Petite – 5.9%
Our small IPA has all grown up. Aromatic hops is the order of the day, now with a bit more of a kick.

Baby Barley Wine – 4.9%
All the balanced bitter sweetness of a classic English Barleywine, but in a more quaffable form.

M/cr Pint – 4.2%
Pint at our Manchester Bitter ABV, and all hopped by hand (sorry brew team)

Differently Hopped Dobber – 6.5 %
We can rebuild it. We have the technology. We can hop it, differently. Hand Hopped.

Session Bitter – 3.9%
Bitter, but a different kind of bitter. Session strength.

Lagonda at 2.8% – 2.8%
What it says on the tin/cask. Hopped by Hand

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