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Marble Beers Ltd 12.5BB Vincent Johnson brew Kit & various accessories for sale

Posted: 2019-02-08 By Marble Beers

Contact: Karen Orme,
Manchester, UK

All reasonable offers considered
This Marble brewery 12.5BB kit for sale has served us well for the past 10 years but the time has come for us to expand, meaning that our current kit is surplus to requirements.

The sale includes the all the items listed below:

Mobile Lines and Pumps:

2x Centrifugal pumps with currently with 1” male RJT fittings
All lines are 1” Female RJT ended brewers spec hoses

1x 22M
1x 11M
2x 5M
1x 4M
3x 2M
1x 1M – 1” female RJT to Arlington Fill Clamp.

Line and Tank Jewellery:

3 x T Sight glass, 1.5” Male RJT on line end 1.5” female RJT on tank end. main end 1” male butterfly valve on t off. 1.5” Female to 1” Male RJT reduce with each Sight glass T.
Carbonation Piece 1.5” Female with slight glass to 1.5” male with 1.5” female to 1” male RJT reducer. Carbonation stone visible in sight glass with preceded by ball valve and 3.8” push fit for gas in. Can be replaced with any ¼ bsp female.

4x 1.5” Female to 1” male reducers
5×1.5” Male to 1” Female reducers
1x 1.5” to 1” male reducer
2” RJT Female Nut
1” RJT female nut and blanking cap.
Assortment of 1.5” and 1” O ring seals for RJT fittings
1” male RJT to ball valve racking arm
1x 1” male to 1” male RJT fitting
1” male to 1” male butterfly valve

Conditioning Tanks:

2 Dish bottom conditioning tanks.
21hL Working Capacity
Approximate Height 2.85M
Approximate Width 1.4M
Front facing oval manway centres at height of 1.37M
Sample Tap port 1” female bsp includes sample tap
Higher outlet 1.5” Male RJT currently fitted and to include ball valve to 1.5” male RJT
Main outlet 1.5” male RJT fitted and to include elbow and stainless pipework ball vale 1.5” male RJT
1” side arm with ball valve and internal spray ball and pressure gauge
1” BSP Female for Pressure release valve PRV included
Max tank pressure 11psi
Glycol panel for chilling inlet and outlet ½” bsp female

CCV Fermenters:

2x Cylindro Conical Fv
25hL Capacity
Front facing manway at approx. fill level of 5hl
Temp probe covered port at approx. 5hl fill height
¼” triclamp port for sample tap (sample tap included)
Higher outlet 1.5” RJT female with 1.5” male butterfly valve at approx. 0. hL fill level
Main outlet 2” female RJT with 2” male RJT butterfly valve a 2” to 1.5” male reducer
1” side arm with male rjt, pressure gauge and internal spray ball, attaches to tank with 2” rjt female
PRV used to 0.4bar
6” triclamp opening with blanking cap used for dry hop additions
Separate jackets for cone and main jacket cooling

Dish Bottom FV:

5x Cylindrical FV with dish bottoms
23hL working Capacity
2” RJT to 1.5” RJT bottom arm outlets with ball valves
½” Bsp Female ports for sample taps (all sample taps included)
1” RJT male side arm with ball valve meets tank with 2” male rjt internal spray ball
Glycol entry and exit points
20” single screw manways on top with seal
Note: 1 Fv with slightly dinged top
2 Fv’s with 3 legs triangle formation rather than 4


25hL Capacity
1 X Brew House Hot Liquor Tank
2.9M Height
1.5” RJT outlet to dedicated pump (pump included)
Hard pipe work set up for recirc and HL distribution
Top manway
12Kw 2.25” bsp heating element
Over flow pipe
Inlet for water from HEX
Ball valve for outlet


2.9M tall
1.5” outlet with ball valve
Dedicated pump (included)
Top manway
Overflow pipe
Water feed pipe with ball cock valve received from mains
Glycol feed and return

Mash Tun:
Capacity for approx. 600kg of malt at a liquor to grist ratio of 2.8
Perforated sheet false bottom in quarters
1” feed for diameter sparge arm
Wooden lid
Main outlet 1.5” T off both with ball valves to dump and under back
88L capacity cylindrical underback
1” dump outlet with valve
1” feed to transfer pump
Transfer pump
Hard pipe work and ball valve from pump for Vorlauf 1” rjt male T off for soft transfer line
Paddle flowmeter and reader for Liquor to mash tun


24hL working capacity
2.85M high
1.35M wide
Direct fire driven with Gas burner
Internal basket for hopping
Front facing maway
Top manway
Sample tamps
Covered temp probe port
Main outlet 1.5”
Fixed side inlet for mixing and recirculation
Dedicated casting pump included
1” side arm for cip joins to fixed pipework.
Heat exchange
Plate HEX from UK exchange
Model type: UKE 2A 3

Cask Washer:
2 head cask washer with detergent heated with electric element 6Kw
Manual load, Automated timer

Other brew house parts:

Magnetic flow meter and reader for casting
Sight glass with oxygenation stone visible currently fitted post HEX for oxygenation/aeration
Brew house Control panel

Other Parts:
Glycol Chiller
Touch screen Control panel for Fv/CT cooling
Cold room refrigeration unit and control panel

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