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An announcement from Marble Beers Ltd.

Posted: 2018-01-16 By Marble Beers

Today we must make the bittersweet announcement that our head brewer, James Kemp aka JK, will be leaving Marble Brewery in the spring to join Yeastie Boys in a newly formed Brewzerker job role, in charge of quality control, quality assurance, product development, and strategy.

Joe Ince, formerly of Magic Rock Brewing and Buxton Brewery, and currently Marble Brewery Head of Production, will be taking the reins after JK’s departure.


JK joined Marble Brewery in January 2016, and immediately set about bringing a fresh look to the core range and implementing a barrel ageing programme (several barrels and many months of fermentation shenanigans later, the Edgar Allan Poe Imperial Stout range and Mysteries of the Udolpho Old Ale series were launched); He also brought the metal back to Marble in 2016 and worked tirelessly throughout 2017 to organise and see through the wonderfully diverse 20th Birthday collaboration series.

A lifelong home brewer and chemistry fan, JK previously worked at Fuller’s Brewery, Thornbridge Brewery, and Buxton Brewery, and cultivates an impressive beer yeast collection in his spare time.


JK says “The last 2 years at Marble have been fantastic, and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to work on some amazing projects, from our Fuller’s Gale’s Prize Old Ale collaboration in 2016, to the and the 20th Birthday collaboration series. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities afforded to me in this new role with Yeastie Boys as they continue their global adventures; which will, in turn, allow me to spend more time with my family in Chester.”

Everyone at Marble Beers Ltd. wishes JK and Yeastie Boys the best of success in the new adventure.





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